Privacy Policy

We would love to provide information of our current stock, services, delivery and other details.

Protection of data:

We preserve different kind of data by adopting the following methods:

  •  At Etrading1 we vow to maintain complete confidentiality of your personal data like your name, address, email address, contact number, bill and other such details. The main category of confidential data in our policy includes your personal and contact details.
  • We do not store any detail regarding your credit or debit card like your credit card number or balance etc.
  • We need to record the calls to monitor or services standards and for security measures. We vow not to provide this information to anyone (except authorities) without your consent. Also, any of your personal information recorded in our database while buying or shipping is kept private.
  • The collection and record of website traffic is totally in anonymous basis and is just used to maintain the control and standard or website.
  • We believe in strong marketing of the company however, we do not use name or other details of our customers for the purpose unless we have a nod from your side.
  • During the registration process we might ask you about your likes and dislike so we can display that kind of record for you. However if you turn it down in registration process we won’t bother you in that area.
  • You can withdraw or alter any of you information that you filled in registration process at any point of time.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Etrading1 holds the rights of all the content and information on the website. You can use it within the website for any personal purpose but no user is allowed to copy, reproduce, rephrase or replicate any material from the website for any commercial purposes. We allow our valued customers to print or download extracts for personal or buying purposes. We advise you not to link or publish any material from the website without our permission.

Access to

We put in our best efforts to keep our services on-line for you 24/7 but the company reserves rights to turn down or restrict the access to website at any time. This is usually done during maintenance of website or upload of new stock to keep the site updated and efficient. We try to keeping this duration as minimum as possible. 

Links to Other Websites:

There might be links of some other websites on Etrading1 however we are not responsible for any activity or content on this website. Etrading1 has nothing to do with services and policies of third party websites. However we try our best to keep the links in best interest of Etrading1 customers and avoid irrelevant ones.

Product Availability and convenience:

All products uploaded on the website are available for our customers. However, if in any case your ordered product is out of stock, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Product Descriptions:

All the products available on Etrading1 have a complete description stated there. We advise you to go through these details before placing an order. The description usually includes size, pieces, shape, color, rates and delivery date. We try to write as exact color as possible. However, it sometimes sees different due to separate color settings of different monitors therefore the color on delivery might be a little different from the image on Etrading1. We make sure that all the information uploaded regarding any product is accurate and up to date. Also, the delivery time is always estimated and not exact. There might be a little fluctuation in the delivery times. Etrading1 reserves the rights to refuse any orders in case of any inappropriate information.


The prices mentioned with products on the website can be subject to change at any time without notification. The company reserves the rights to alter any of the rates including V.A.T prices.


We keep providing different promotions and offers to our customers. Some of these may only be able to certain locations. Therefore we recommend you to inquire about the location of delivery of promotion items beforehand.

Payment Methods:

Most of the customers are troubled with the payment methods. Etrading1 endeavors to keep the payment method simple and convenient for you. We accept most of the debit and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Solo, Maestro and others. You can also make your payment through PayPal. If you want, you can send us a cheque as well, please email us for details of cheque transfer.

 Cookies Policy:

When you browse the web, small packets of data are temporarily stored in hard drive of computer, this enables our website to track your Cookies are small data files which are temporarily stored on your computer hard drive. They enable us to go through your current shopping experience, collect the contents which you have added your shopping cart and other beneficial marketing information on website usage will help us to enhance our services to you.

Information regarding cookies are:

  • Cookies are risk-free to your PC and do not carry any personal or confidential details.
  • To improve your shopping experience on our website, we use number of cookies which provide excessive safety too.
  • Change your computer setting so that it can receive cookies in order to shop from Etrading1.
  • Some of our trustworthy associated partners may also utilize cookies to track the record of sales. In case if you don’t accept the cookies, it will have no effect on functionality of our website.


A false way to trap individual giving in his/her personal details for the purposes of identity theft. Here to note:

  • We don’t believe in phishing. You will be never asked to give in your confidential details via e-mail. In case if information of this sort is required, you will be contacted through voice call and suitable measures will be taken to ensure safety of your personal details.
  • For instance you are contacted through e-mail asking for your confidential details and claiming to be from Etrading1 then DO NOT REPLY BACK and report to us attaching copy of email.


Limited Liability:

At Etrading1, we ensure to provide best services to our customers, although we cannot guarantee the total accuracy of content on website. Hereby clearing, Etrading1 shall not be liable to any entity for bearing damage or loss from the use of any information included in any of the materials on the website. In that case, Etrading1 refute all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information confined in any of the materials on this website. Also notify, it doesn’t affect your statutory rights as a consumer, also it has nothing to do with your contract cancellation rights.

Note: we are not accountable for any loss of goodwill, any financial losses or any specific or incidental losses experienced by that party arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions. 

Website Amendments:

We own the right to make any alteration be it temporary or permanent, to the website or any of the services or policies without issuing any notice and at our preference. When collaborating with us, you are bound to obey the Terms and Conditions and the website material in positioned at time of use or when you place your order. You are requested to keep a check on Terms and Conditions for any change imposed. If you are not satisfied with changes in policy then you can opt out of website.